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Easter with KZOW and WSA

By: Bela Ruiz

KZOW radio station granted an exciting and fun live event alongside with WSA (World Student Association), on Wednesday March 28th, 2018.

Waldorf University’s radio station has hosted many holiday live events, but they wanted to make Easter a little more special. They wanted to bring everyone around the world that share a college campus together to share what their traditions are. Not only were people from different countries able to share their traditions, but many students around the United States shared theirs too.

KZOW members brought the event to the atrium where students were able to enter a raffle to win a prize. Next to the table, people were able to watch a slide show the presented quotes from students who shared what they typically do on Easter. They’re hope was to get students to listen to the event while they were on air and promote students on campus to get involved with sharing their traditions on air and or entering the raffle. To enter the raffle students had to sign there name on a slip to win what was inside the mysterious golden egg.

Marketing director of KZOW, Diana Humble, assists in making these events possible. Diana gave the scoop about how the process is done, specifcally with this Easter event, “I, along with the station managers, had to coordinate the event with the WSA officers and get them on board with our ideas. We set up the logistics of the event (time and place). Danica and I attended WSA’s full group meeting and ran the idea past them, where we had members sign up for time slots to interview on air, took pictures for the PowerPoint, and got quotes from the members regarding how the celebrate Easter. I put together the PowerPoint. In Monday night practicum, I explained the live event to the KZOW and WalTV members, and the day of I always manage setup and writing the script. Danica got us the great partnership with Ay Jalisco through Catarino!”

The outcome of the raffle was an Ay Jalisco (Mexican restaurant in Forest City) gift card for the winner. The two officers of WSA contributed to the event, Asmita KC mentioned that, “In our WSA meeting we informed the international students about KZOW being part of the meeting and introducing the event to international students. We encouraged students to take part in sharing the ways they celebrate Easter back home and signing up for interviewing for the event.

Both Asmita and Diana had high hopes for the event outcome. As a director in KZOW, Diana said, “We were hoping to provide a send off event for Waldorf students before Easter break, and we also help WSA’s Taste of the World event. We thought the perfect way to blend these two was to interview and learn about how WSA members celebrate Easter in their home countries.” And Asmita, being a WSA officer said that “We were definitely hoping to collaborate and do the event as it was planned to be: inclusive and informational. The opportunity to promote our upcoming event ‘Taste of the World’ is what we are most thankful for.”

In the end, it turned out to be a successful event. Many people were involved in the raffle as well as putting themselves on air.