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Determan named head softball coach

Lexy Determan, the new Waldorf softball coach, talks with Mattea Lovato. Photo by Molly Maschka

Lexy Determan, the new Waldorf softball coach, talks with Mattea Lovato. Photo by Molly Maschka

By Molly Maschka

The new school year at Waldorf comes with many changes. One of those changes is in the softball program.

Lexy Determan comes in as Waldorf’s new head softball coach for the upcoming 2015-2016 season. She replaces Denny Gilbertson, who served 20 seasons as Head Coach for the Warriors. Gilbertson retired last May with a .743 winning percentage, 11 season conference championships, and six conference tournament titles.

“I hope to continue building off Gilbertson’s success,” Determan said. “To continue building on the tradition he made here at Waldorf with these smart and talented women on this team.”

A native of Terrell, Ia., Determan made the decision to take on the head coaching position because of her history and passion for the game. A passion she shares with the girls.

“Both of my parents are coaches,” she said. “Plus I would always go watch my sister play when I was a little girl. Softball is one of those things that is part of my life, and I couldn’t imagine going to a job that I didn’t get excited about everyday. “

Before coming to Waldorf, Determan was head coach at MacMurray College in Jacksonville, Ill. where she took the team from a 6-12 to a 12-6 record, leading the Highlanders to their first SLIAC tournament since 1999. She describes how she wants her players to know they are on the team for a reason and they are worthy of success, which she hopes to bring to the Waldorf Softball program.

Tarah Hunt, a senior on the team, is really excited to play for Determan this season.

“She is such a hard-working coach,” said Hunt. “I think Coach Determan is going to bring huge success to this program. She keeps us in line by pushing us hard, but also keeping us sane.”

Not only does Determan want the Waldorf team to dominant on the field, but she expects success in the classroom.

“I want them to be self-motivated,” said Determan. “When I was in softball, the structure of practice helped me not to procrastinate. I want these girls to nail a schedule, and know the importance of an education.”

Another thing Tarah Hunt likes about Coach Determan is the balance she provides in team relationships.

“My favorite thing about her is that she really knows how to balance out the player-coach-friend aspect to us softball girls. She knows how to balance out the ‘being a coach and a friend’ to us.”

When Determan is not coaching or recruiting she’s focusing on other relationships.

“Another good part about this job is being close to home,” Determan said. “I love being around my family.”