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Dancing For Rotary

Professor Mark Newcom and local author, Joy Newcom, take part in Dancing for Rotary. Photo courtesy of Zach Raulie.

By Kaitlyn Bakke

On Feb. 8 at 7 p.m., the Forest City Rotary Club held its sixth annual Dancing for Rotary charity event.

This event was put on as a charity event at the Boman Fine Arts Center. All proceeds went to benefit different Rotary club projects, such as the Waldorf University Rotaract Club and wells in Africa.

Everyone who attended the event paid $15 to enter and received a voting ticket to cast their vote for the winner of the Audience Choice trophy.

Every dancers performed choreographed dances in pairs. There were eight total couples dancing: Brady Anderson and Kennedy Baker, Doug and Beth Snyder, Nate and Erika Forsberg, Daniel Haley and Sadie Skeie, Jonathon and Emalee Warren, Joseph and Daelynn Coombs, Mark and Joy Newcom, and Elijah and Anna Weaver.

Each dance was judged by a panel of three judges: Julie Keely, Ian Bartelt, and Waldorf University’s own chair of communications, Professor David Damm.   

The winners of the Mirror Ball trophy were Elijah and Anna Weaver.

One of the dancers, Daniel Haley, said that he and his partner, Sadie Skeie, “spent a lot of time practicing.”

“Overall I thought we did pretty good, it was fun to be apart of and experience this event,” said Haley. “I’m glad I did it and got to help raise money.”