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Daesean Bradley

Daesean Bradley carries the football

By Brandice Lewis

Waldorf University, located in Forest City, Iowa, is a part of the NAIA program (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics). Every year the school gets numerous athletic transfers. Football alone had one of the most transfers coming out of different states. Last year, a football player by the name of Daesean Bradley, transferred to Waldorf to continue his athletics.

Upon his transfer from Iowa Central Community College, Bradley was told he couldn’t play football during the fall season. This was due to some complications involving the NAIA. The NAIA ultimately decides who plays and who doesn’t. They use certain data to determine and maximize the impact athletics has on enrollment.

Unfortunately for Daesean, not playing in the fall really took a toll on his college athletic career. He wasn’t able to show the football team or coaches what he could really do talent wise. He also had to miss out on the opportunity of experience for the year. If he was allowed to play, he might have gained a little more skill at his position.

Although the fact he couldn’t play during the season didn’t make his transfer all bad. Bradley was glad to be a part of such a college. He said that the campus felt inviting and welcoming. And even though he wasn’t officially a part of the team, he said they still felt like family. He was also happy to be a part of a private university for a change, and not a community college.

Overall Daesean was excited to come to Waldorf University, and officially become a warrior. Next year Bradley is ready and expecting to come onto the field stronger to show his team and the coaches that he deserves to be there.