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Crazy Game Show in conjunction with Black History Month

Sharese Hall helped coordiante the "Crazy Game Show" event to help celebrate Black History Month. Photo by Erisha Menon

Sharese Hall helped coordinate the “Crazy Game Show” event to help celebrate Black History Month. Photo by Erisha Menon

By Erisha Menon

In conjunction with Black History Month, Waldorf University organized a game show called ‘The Real Deal, Crazy Game Show” on Feb. 4.

The game show was more of a trivia quiz about African American history. The element of fun was mixed with interesting facts that some people did not know about. Most of the participants won cash and gifts.

Amanda Aberle, Director of Student Activities, Orientation and Area Coordinator of Waldorf University and also the organizer of “The Real Deal” said Black History Month is about acknowledging and celebrating African Americans for their accomplishments and what they have done for the world and especially for this country.

“The reason why I really wanted “The Real Deal” on campus was because a lot of students and people here don’t understand the difference between Martin Luther King Day and Black History Month.” said Arbele. The game show was to celebrate black history and also have fun at the same time.

“The trivia quiz worked well for the audience as it was fun, yet educational.” said Sharese Hall, Area Coordinator of Waldorf University. She also said Black History Month is more than just celebrating African American history. It is about celebrating diversity and equality. Putting aside prejudice, striving for acceptance and loving everyone.

One participant, Asmita KC said that at first she only participated to win the cash but she realize at the end of the day, she did learn a lot about the accomplishments of African American.

“I never thought I could learn so much and also get amazing prizes at the same time,” KC.