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Craziest places students have lost their cellphones

Looks like somebody forgot their cell phone. Photo by Kieren Wilson

Looks like somebody forgot their cell phone. Photo by Kieren Wilson

By Kieren Wilson

In today’s society it is not uncommon to see individuals walking around with their eyes glued to their cell phones unaware of their surroundings. Waldorf College is no different. Students walk around campus, weaving their way through foot traffic while looking down at a cell phone. It is easy to say a cell phone might be the most important item for many college student in 2015. A cell phone provides correspondence with peers, coaches, relatives back home and entertainment.

It is hard to find a student on campus without a cell phone in hand. However with homework, extracurricular activities, sports, a boyfriend or girlfriend and parents on a students mind it can be easy to misplace such a small item that has such large importance.

“ I left my phone in a toilet stall,” said Junior Gael Esparza. “I went back after class and it was gone. I never got it back.”

That is definitely a weird place to discover a cell phone but not as weird as discovering a phone in a can of tomato soup. Senior Preston Landon apparently dropped his cell phone in a can of tomato soup while making his “world famous spaghetti.” “I was making the best pot of my world famous spaghetti that has ever been made,” said Landon. “It was delicious. But I forgot about my phone because I was so focused on making the best spaghetti.”

Another weird place a student has left their phone is at Ikea. “I had to go back and look through all levels of all the different bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living room setups they were modeling,” said Senior Becca Flavin. “I found it on top of a canopy curtain thing that hangs over a bed.”