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Colorful Weekend with HOLI Hai!

By Guzel Tuhbatullina

Holi Hai is a color festival that is brought to the Waldorf University by our international students from Nepal; Asmita and Anuja KCys.

Even though the celebration of Holi Hai originally happens in mid-February, the World Student Association (WSA) decided that throwing colors in a cold weather is not a great idea. So, they had decided to brighten everyone’s day when they needed it most.

Holi Hai is the most energetic festival filled with fun and colors. It is a celebration of happiness that has religious roots from the Hindu religion and comes from India and Nepal. This year Holi Hai took place near the Tanner Hall. There were more than 25 students involved in this event which allowed students to make new friends and get to know a new culture.

“It is a very beautiful festival. I want everyone to remember this festival to be their most enjoyable event that they get to see in college this year,” Anuja KC said.

The officers of WSA organized this event. Students were able to have a good time throwing colors and spraying water at each other.

“I had a lot of fun as an officer organizing it and as a participant too. It was always something that I wanted to do. I watched Bollywood movies and used to see the color festivals on the TV screen. So, it was exciting for me to experience that great celebration with my friends,” Gulnaza Saburhojayeva said, an officer of WSA. “I think that’s great that students all over the world can celebrate their traditional holidays here and introduce it to others,”

Sunday was a day most students will not forget, and Holi Hai will be back again next year for students that did not have the chance to participate.