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Checking in on College Students’ Mental Health

Students learn about the effects of alcohol through Drunk Goggles (Photo by Noah Keolanui-Herman)

By Racee Moore

On Wednesday, Feb. 26, Waldorf University held Fresh Check Day in the Atrium from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Fresh Check Day is held every spring to try to relieve students’ stress and inform them about mental health. 

There were five clubs that participated in the Fresh Check Day, including KZOW 91.9, Be Decent, Psychology Club, WSA and Alpha Psi Omega (APO). Each booth had a fun activity and mental health oriented message.

KZOW 91.9 was petitioning for up to five mental health days to not count against students’ grades. The petition ended with 165 signatures.

Be Decent invited students to draw attention to “the elephant in the room.” They provided cut-outs of elephants and invited participants to write down something that is considered socially abnormal to normalize it.

The Psychology club had a plethora of memes displayed on a board and encouraged people to take stock of their emotions on a sticky note and sort them beneath the meme that most accurately reflected their feelings.

APO was doing drinking awareness game that used drunk goggles to help students become more aware of their alcohol limits.

Crisis Intervention Services and the Waldorf counselors were both at booths and available to talk throughout the event.

There was a lot of candy, pens and t-shirts handed out. You could even get a massage and free food during the event.

Fresh Check Day also corresponded with WinterFest, and students were able to earn points for their group of choice by participating.