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Candidate Review/ Homecoming Preview

By Maggie Kretzmann

The 2017 Homecoming Candidate Review is two weeks away here at Waldorf University, but most people do not know how much work goes into interviewing, filming and taking pictures.

Each year the student body gets to vote for who they would like to be on Homecoming court. This year’s nominees are: Erica Fee, April Jones, Danica Cheney and Hannah Apolinar and Toney Wise Jr., Claudio Moraes da Cruz, Dubem Awuzie and Aaron Ward. “I was surprised when I was nominated,” Apolinar said, “Taking all the pictures has been the most fun so far.” The Electronic Field Production (EFP) class at Waldorf is responsible for the videos of the candidates, each video including interviews and showing what that specific candidate is passionate about, or just being downright silly. “All of the interviews we did we’ve found out more about the person than we thought,” Ben Mau said, who is in the EFP class. “For example, I found out Erica Fee is not only in volleyball but she’s also a Student Ambassador, or that Claudio is involved in so many other on-campus extracurriculars besides football. It was really cool to see that side of people,” Mau continued. When it comes to the actual event, that is where the public relations people come into play. They are responsible for promoting the event as well as making sure everything runs smoothly.

Students will get to see the many sides of the candidates thanks to the help from the EFP crew for conducting interviews and for filming the videos made. There are many events going on during homecoming week, such as Warrior Cup- where clubs and groups compete against each other in fun activities during the week- to Candidate Review, which will be held on Oct. 19 at 9 p.m. in the atrium at Waldorf University, where PR members put on a spectacle where each candidate gets to talk and showcase their many talents. At the end of the night the Homecoming King and Queen will also be announced.

There will be a bonfire Friday night, and a parade Saturday morning for all of Forest City to enjoy, where sports teams and other clubs and groups participate in. Once again, there will be many alumni activities ongoing at Waldorf, such as reunions and the alumni sing-a-long at the Odvin Hagan music building. The football game takes place in the afternoon, with Waldorf facing Maryville State University and finally a choir and band concert Saturday evening. Events for Sunday include worship at Immanuel Lutheran Church and the Musical Theatre Showcase located in Smith Theatre at 2 p.m.