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Campus Center break-in leaves staff shaken; lounge without ATM machine

The east entrance of the Campus Center was vandalized during a recent break-in. Photo courtesy Jaci Olson

The east entrance of the Campus Center was vandalized during a recent break-in. Photo courtesy Jaci Olson

By Jaci Olson

The Campus Center (CIC) was broken into in the early morning hours of Feb. 3. The investigation is currently ongoing.

Anna Moklestad, head of Campus Security, said they (campus security) don’t know a lot. An unknown individual broke the glass on the east door and the ATM was broken into. Waldorf is working with local police and the bank to figure it out. It was after security had left for the night and before housekeeping came, so sometime during early morning hours. The change machine was also broken into and vandalized in the lounge.

Waldorf won’t be replacing the change machine so they may have to pay to keep quarters locked up in the future.

“We have a few details but can’t release anything because it is an ongoing investigation. We have a few people of interest,” Moklestad said. “The weather plays a factor. There was no school that day. Travel wasn’t advised. It appears as if whoever did this was on foot; it would have been difficult to drive around. The ATM was brand new, installed the week of January 21. The old one was at least 10-15 years old. Within 10 days of getting a new one, it was broken into. The ATM was removed out of the building and it won’t get it replaced anytime soon. It appears the east door is the only one vandalized. No other door was used to enter and exit.”

Jason Ramaker, Dean of Students, added that the break-in was between 1-6 a.m. the morning of Feb, 3.

“We’re working with the police and TSB Bank on the investigation and will continue to do so,” Ramaker said. “If any one has any information about the investigation it is appreciated. It’s a felony, it’s very concerning that someone would break in the way they did. This is a crime against the students, it hurts all of us.”

Ramaker has never seen anything like this in the 10 years he has been at Waldorf College. “We have to reevaluate things and security. We need help, if any students know anything please come forward.,” Rammaker said.