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Business club to host Waldorf Blacklight Dance

Members of the business  club work to plan the Blacklight Dance for Winterfest. Photo courtesy Shannon Clark

Members of the business club work to plan the Blacklight Dance for Winterfest. Photo courtesy Shannon Clark

By Shannon Clark

The business club is planning a Blacklight Dance on Friday, Feb. 19 for Winterfest. The club is preparing food and even hosting a dance-off.

The event begins at 9 p.m. and will last until midnight. Because the dance will be held in Gatsby’s, there will be plenty of space for students to show off their dance moves. Clearly the business club has been planning for the epic event. In fact, they have even been discussing which foods students would favor most. According to Angela Book, the members of the club are hoping to match the food to the theme of the dance.

“We will be serving cake pops, jello, lemonado, popcorn koolaid, cheese and grapes, chex mix and an assortment of other small snacks,” said Book.

Apparently the dance-off is expected to receive an excessive amount of attention at the affair. The members have planned accordingly. Book explained how the club foresees the dance-off incorporated into the event.

“The dance-off will begin at 9:30 p.m. We plan to have four judges-three faculty and one student club member. Students must sign up for the dance-off prior to the dance in order to participate as a club. Others attending the dance are welcome to form a circle and watch,” said Book.

She also discussed how the winners of the dance-off are to be chosen. A mix of selected judges and the audience will be the determining factors of the competition, but the club will be providing a twist.

“The panel of four judges will choose first through fourth place winners after the finals, and the crowd will choose the fifth place winner for a ‘people’s choice,'” Book said.

Claudio da Cruz, Vice President of the business club, was also happy to share the details of the event with Waldorf students. According to Cruz, the business club has been enjoying the preparation process for the dance. When asked what the club has been doing to prepare for the Blacklight Dance, Cruz said, “We bought neon paint and black lights to get the experience of a black light rave. Also, we invested in some balloons for the occasion.”

When asked who the brilliant club member was whom initiated the idea of the Blacklight Dance Cruz replied, “The business club was thinking about having a ball, but the club thought it would not be as convenient for students to find the proper dress attire, so Jen Hensley came up with the idea for the Blacklight Dance.”

Hensley’s idea is clearly one the Waldorf students will appreciate. So, for those looking for a good time and even better food, make sure to attend the Blacklight Dance on Feb. 19.