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BSU holds BBQ to welcome new students

BSU hosted a BBQ to welcome incoming students. Photo by Preston Landon

BSU hosted a BBQ to welcome incoming students. Photo by Preston Landon

By Preston Landon

On October 17 the Waldorf College Black Student Union (BSU) held a barbeque welcoming students and informing them about BSU.

“I just wanted to give back to the community and the school,” said Peterson Jean-Pierre, BSU president.

The barbeque featured home cooked food such as chicken wings, macaroni and cheese, baked beans, hamburgers and hot dogs.

“BSU allows diversity to show itself and provides opportunities for people to be comfortable with who they are,” Jean-Pierre said.

Three years ago, when Jean-Pierre first started BSU, the club was very small.

“When I first got here, there was no BSU,” said Jean-Pierre. “The second year, I didn’t have much support, just a lot of talk with no action.”

This year, Jean-Pierre and the BSU are getting a lot more support.

“The reason why I joined is because it is a family outside of a family,” said Douglas Woolfolk, BSU vice president. “It is hard for some people to get support outside of their home.”

With more events planned, BSU looks to continue to grow and impact more people as the school year goes on.

“We are trying to do a fashion show,” Woolfolk said. “Last year, we tried to plan it ahead of time but there was too much going on at the college.”

In November the club will be hosting a black tie event, which is an opportunity for students get dressed up nicely and enjoy a good time with their fellow classmates.

“There will be more events coming up so be on the look out for those,” said Jean-Pierre. “We are willing to help the school and give back in any way possible.”