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Bringing Back Campus Ministry Pillar

The four things Pillars stand for are Success, Passion, Community, and Tradition. (Photo from Waldorf University)

By: Kelsey Peterson

Pillars is a scholarship program at Waldorf University that is geared towards students pursuing leadership in areas outside of athletics. After eliminating the pillar for several years due to lack of advisors, the Pillars scholarship is bringing back the pillar of Campus Ministry.

The Pillars program is for students that are focused on academics, leadership, or service, opportunities for enrichment while pursuing their individual degrees. Pillars scholarships are offered to residential students and bring together people from a broad range of backgrounds.

The goal of this scholarship is to improve each of their lives, their education, and the campus all at the same time. The Pillars program is a rebrand of a previous program at Waldorf University, called Warrior Women in Leadership, which was aimed specifically towards bringing more women onto Waldorf’s campus. They renamed the program Pillars, and began welcoming both genders in the spring of 2017.

Renae Littrell, Director of the Pillars Program, said “Campus Ministry was one of the original groups in Pillars, but went away last semester.” The reason it dissolved was because no current students were interested in Campus Ministry. On top of that, they did not have a leader for the group.

They now have a leader: Eric Adamcik, Waldorf University’s new director of Campus Ministry.

“I think Pillars is a great opportunity for those students that want to express themselves and learn about ministry in general,” said student Ashley Laverty. “I think this pillar group is so important to our campus because Waldorf is a Christian based campus.”

Laverty said, “it is a great opportunity for those kids that want to go here but do not have the financial means to do so. Pillars really helps the students to interact with people on and off-campus. You really get the real-life experience while being in Pillars.”

Campus Ministry might just be starting up again however they really hope that people will get involved and enjoy their experience when they join Campus Ministry.