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Body Shaming at the Super Bowl

By: Victoria Carra

Lady Gaga performed an amazing halftime performance for this year’s Super Bowl. However, the public found they could not focus on the performance because of her “stomach fat.”

It has been all over social media that Gaga should not have shown so much skin in her performance, because she has “stomach rolls.” People have went on to say it was distracting and disturbing. But if you look a little closer, it is obvious that Lady Gaga is anything but fat.

Gaga has been very open about having an eating disorder and body issue problems in the past. She has even made many songs about overcoming it and learning to love yourself, such as “Born This Way”. Yet, Internet trolls have continued to harass her for being too fat to pull off a crop top, which is absolutely ridiculous.

If you look at the outfit, it is obvious that her shorts do not fit correctly, which squeezes on her stomach causing the look of rolls. It has happened to every girl out there, your pants fit perfect one day, and then they are a little snug the next. Luckily for most of us, we don’t have a jumbotron to show that.

Lady Gaga took the insults with grace and poise. She even posted a selfie on Instagram discussing how you should always love yourself no matter what anyone says. She also wore an almost nothing outfit at the Grammys, proving to the world that it is not that she is “fat” or not “in shape,” and that she looks amazing in anything.

A woman that has rocked a meat dress, crazy 10 inch heels and some flamboyant makeup in the past, will not let a dumb comment about her Super Bowl performance slow her down. She has used this to help support her fans and let everyone know that she was “Born this Way.”