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Black Ops 3 is coming

Photo courtesy Photopin

Photo courtesy Photopin

By Nathan Taylor

There are a lot of exciting new features coming with the release of Black Ops 3, but for many of the fans of the Black Ops series, it is a game that brings a new age of gamers.

One of the three parts of the game will not be available on PS3 or XBOX 360. The campaign and zombie modes seem like they will not be a part of the “old generation” of game systems, which includes PS3 and XBOX 360. Originally, there was talk of only having the multiplayer mode, but were able to add the zombies mode. Activision and Treyarch are working together to create the third segment of the series that will be set in 2065, and has a war between countries where the National Air Defense capability is so high that air assaults are useless, and black ops soldiers have to go behind enemy lines.

Robotics and supersoldiers will be a part of this segment. It also adds “fluid motion” in which players can move with thrust jumps, power slides, wall-running, swimming and mantling capabilities, as well as the ability to run on walls and maintain control of their weapons at all times.

There is also a new weapons shop that allows users, especially on the next-gen systems, to create each side of their gun with logos that include 64 layers on three sides of the weapon. It also allows the player to use different models, camos, multiple attachments and optics for the multiplayer mode. It also adds nine types of characters, each with a specific ability and weapon to give the player an advantage over opponents in multiplayer. The weapons can be anything from a built-in grenade launcher to a spike that exerts an electronic shockwave.

They have added new parts to what the player, now a supersoldier, can do in the campaign mode. This includes new special abilities including a one-hit kill shock, fireflies that attack enemies and even the ability to make an enemies explosive go off and kill them. It also gives the player the ability to make the enemies surrounding them to puke to death, become invisible, and hijack an enemy or their aircraft.

They sent out a beta version earlier this year, and used the feedback to make 10 major changes. Another marketing path they used, which was seen as very controversial, was sending out fake news reports from a fake twitter account. A Snapchat account providing users a sneak preview was another unusual marketing tactic.

On a personal note, I am someone who really enjoys the campaign mode of the Black Ops series, and am frustrated I will have to update my game system to see the end of the series. I feel they should wait to start a new series before taking the campaign out of a game. Overall, I am excited for the launch of the game, and interested to see what the actual gameplay is like.