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A Simple Dream

By Erisha Menon

Fine arts has been a strong feature rooted in the heart of Forest City, Iowa. Like many others, Andrew May, a student with a simple dream. A dream to perform in a state-of-the-art facility like the Hanson Family Fine Arts Center.

Andrew May has been in the band program in Waldorf University for about four years now and the idea of having a place to perform has been a topic for a very long time. “Now that we are going to be performing at new fine arts center, I am really excited,” said May.

The Hanson Fine Art Center, a cooperative project between the Hanson Foundations, local school system, Waldorf University and the community has been talking about having this type of center and what seems like a dream before is becoming a reality.

“It is an opportunity to have a bigger space. For many years, our musicals have been very cramped in Smiths Theater,” said Robert AuFrance, director of Theater and fine arts administration. AuFrance also said that this would be a wonderful opportunity to have a performance space to be able to hold up to 50 students at a time.

The Hanson Fine Arts Center is another example of the successful partnership in Forest City community. It is believed that it is on target for opening in October, 2018.

For some, this success, a different kind of dream. “Unfortunately, this year I won’t be able to be actually perform there,” said May who is finishing his last semester here in Waldorf University.

“But I still at least get to see what is going to become of a dream.”