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A Minor Setback for a Major Comeback

By: Lili Flores

Waldorf’s Bailee Russell running the ball down the field against Nebraska Christian. Photo by Mark Esquivel

A season over too soon. The Waldorf women’s soccer team had to end their season early due to lack of numbers on the field.

It’s a “bittersweet” feeling for Celeste Sanchez, a junior from Guadalupe, CA. “This will give us time to recover (from injuries) and recruit.” Even with the odds stacked against them, the team is looking at this as an opportunity to grow. “The new coaches have such a positive attitude and great work ethic that works well with [the team],” Celeste said. Not only is Celeste excited about the new coaching staff, she’s excited to see what the team will accomplish with a full roster next season.

A positive attitude is what keeps the girls going in face of this setback. Darista Herrera, transfer from a NCAA II, Missouri Southern State University, is a senior that boosts the team with her positivity. “We were the underdogs out on the field, yet we left an impression and gave each team a run for their money,” Herrera said. She also describes her team as resilient and strong.

An almost surreal feeling hit Coach Lugo when goosebumps and tears came upon him after the girls’ first win. Seeing the girls glowing warmed his heart as a coach. Coach Lugo said that “heart, hard work, and a never give up attitude” is what it takes to play soccer at Waldorf.

Coach Lugo is a first year coach that turned the girls’ season around by upping their record from last year’s single win to two wins in the short season. Statistically, this is a small increase, but a giant leap mentally. The attitude on and off the field has improved a lot since last season. It’s amazing how positive the girls are even after so many setbacks.

All in all, the team is looking forward to an epic season next year.