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S.W.A.T. playing games

Students attend SWAT game night.

Students attend SWAT game night.

By Tina Somchit

Social Warriors Activity Team (SWAT) hosted its second event of spring semester Game Night by playing Cards Against Humanity. Led by Sharese Hall, the new leader of SWAT, 12 individuals attended the game. “I had a lot of fun playing Cards Against Humanity. The student members of SWAT came up with that idea. They picked it because they knew that it’s one of the adult college age game that students would like to play,” Hall said.

Cards Against Humanity is well known among college students for its raunchy humor. Players take turns picking one card from their hands to match a leading sentence one of the players pick from a pile. “I’ll never truly understand the force until I met my father” was Ashleigh Stingley’s favorite combination.

Although not a lot of people attended the event, the game brought smiles and laughter to the players. Hall said that SWAT’s goal is “to provide entertainment or opportunities for the student body.” For instance, SWAT manages trips for students to go shopping in other towns or brings food that is not available in Forest City.