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“3 Guys 1 Mic” – the radio show you do NOT want to miss

Nick Heimerman and Damon Helgevold exchange laughs during their talk set. Photo by Shannon Clark

Nick Heimerman and Damon Helgevold exchange laughs during their talk set. Photo by Shannon Clark

By Shannon Clark

Every Thursday night at 8 p.m., Damon Helgevold, Nick Heimerman and Jarred Becker do a live radio show known as “3 Guys 1 Mic” on KZOW 91.9 FM.

After sitting in on the men’s show, a clear opinion was able to be formed about “3 Guys 1 Mic.” The passionate young men discuss a number of topics including campus events and sports.

“What we do kind of depends on what happened that previous day or week,” said Becker. “If a big event happened we try to discuss that. Also, if any funny situations occur, we’ll likely talk about that on the show. However, for the most part, we’re pretty spontaneous, and we’ll talk about whatever comes to mind.”

Of course the listeners are the most important part of any show. “3 Guys 1 Mic” is able to keep listeners entertained though a few tactics.

“I think our listeners enjoy the chemistry we all have together,” Becker said. “When we do a talk set it isn’t just one guy talking – we always talk together, and I think the listeners appreciate that we’re truly having fun during our talk sets.”

“3 Guys 1 Mic” has used different methods in order to obtain new listeners. From social media to graphic designs, these men truly take time to reach out to those who tune in.

“We have both a Twitter and Facebook page we use to promote our show, and we interact with our listeners through the live-stream chat,” Heimerman said. “I’m also planning to create a poster to hang up on bulletin boards around the school.”

These three students set their goals high. Through the different methods of attaining new listeners, they hope to bring “3 Guys 1 Mic” to the top.

“Our long term goal is to have “3 Guys 1 Mic” become well known by most students. I’d like for students to eventually start thinking oh, it’s Thursday, 8 p.m., time to listen to “3 Guys 1 Mic”,” said Heimerman. “I think it would be really cool for KZOW to have a consistent show on campus, because they haven’t really had anything like that in the past.”

While they realize the significant role of listeners, Becker, Helgevold and Heimerman incorporate their interests into the show.

“We have a mix of three genres of music on the show,” Heimerman said. “Each one of us has our own style, which we like to bring out through the songs we play. I tend to put rock into the rotation, Jarred likes EMD and Damon plays country.”

“3 Guys 1 Mic” has a great variety of music. However, music is not the only positive aspect of the radio show.

“The show is one thing I always look forward to,” said Helgevold. “I get to speak my mind, and I enjoy hanging with the boys. We all tell stories and keep up with each other’s lives.”

As much fun as the men have during the talk sets and listening to music, they recognize the future benefits of being involved in a radio show here on campus.

“This radio show prepares me to be able to speak on the fly. Sports, what I’m interested in for the future, require you to say something right then and there,” said Helgevold. “Also, the show is unscripted– just like sports.”

Clearly the fans of “3 Guys 1 Mic” enjoy the “on the fly” discussion the men have on the show.

“The guys all bounce ideas off each other really well,” said Adi Garber. “They never sound scripted, which makes it more entertaining to listen to.”

For those looking for more information on “3 Guys 1 Mic,” here is a link to the “3 Guys 1 Mic” Facebook page and the “3 Guys 1 Mic” Twitter page.