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24 Hour Theatre

By Kaitlin Rodriguez

Matthew Burns and Ashlea Jenkins in “Clueless”

On March 15 and 16 all of the Waldorf University theatre majors, minors and scholarship recipients were locked within the confines of the Smith Theatre to write, direct and put on a 10 to 15 minute play.

This Waldorf Theatre tradition sees that everyone gets sorted into groups of five to seven people. The number of directors and playwrights varies depending on the specifications given each year.

Each year the requirements and specifications are set by Dr. Marla Britton-Johnson, Dr. Robert AuFrance, and their current graduate assistant, Abbie Wells. This year, the topics of vampires, werewolves, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and numerous others were not allowed to be in the plays. The specifications required a musical number, an odd accent, a poster advertising the play, an online FaceBook event inviting people to attend the showing, a group name, and the use of provided props. The winners were determined by the amount of points acquired within the 24 hours, and audience response.

Coincidentally, each of the four groups produced a mystery.

The Disney Crew put on a show called “Castle Cases” which is a Disney princess reality show where a dearly beloved prince is killed. Spyfall presented “Menial Institution of Secret Employees” where a new spy’s first case is unknowingly dictated to them. It takes place in a break room for spies. All Dressed Up presented a Scooby Doo parody entitled “Scooter Don’t!” Finally, the Mystery Machine presented “Clueless,” a murder mystery where a murdered boy watches a detective try to solve his case.

In the end, All Dressed Up’s production of “Scooter Don’t!” took home the winning title.