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Turning Up The Volume

Senior Emily Anderson plays the flute in the Wind Ensemble. Photo by Abbie Wells

Senior Emily Anderson plays the flute in the Wind Ensemble. Photo by Abbie Wells

By Abbie Wells

The number of students who attend Waldorf has grown this year and the music department has been positively affected by this change.

The Waldorf Wind Ensemble (the traditional concert band) is now at a total of 27 members, which is up from 12 years ago. With the concert band growing, it has opened up the opportunity for other instrumental ensembles to return after many years of absence. There is now a pep band with approximately 20 members and a jazz band with around 16 members.

Director David Rutt hopes to accomplish a new energy and an atmosphere of family and community throughout the year. “I have also told them that I will push them in their skills daily in rehearsal as I have always had high expectations of my students and ensembles, and once they achieve those expectations, I will continue to ‘raise the bar.’” Rutt said. Waldorf Wind Ensemble senior, Emily Anderson is also excited about the rising numbers. “This is especially important to me; I want our program to thrive even after I’m gone. The change in energy from years past is the most exciting thing for me to see,” Anderson said. “Everyone is ready and hungry to make music. Our interim ​director, Mr. Rutt, encourages, channels, and fuels that energy. I can’t wait for Waldorf to hear us this year!”

The instrumental ensembles are not the only areas experiencing a significant growth in this new year of music. The choral ensembles have also been affected with The Waldorf Choir up to 54 members, chamber choir Schola Cantorum at 24 members, Sangkor back to both a men’s and women’s choir, and the hope of a men’s choir starting up in mid-October. Sophomore Karsen Houck is in favor of the growing choir. “I think that with more people comes more talent and that the increased numbers will help improve the choir,” Houck said.

Director of The Waldorf Choir, Brett Robison, has great hopes for the future of the choral program here at Waldorf. “I hope to continue to increase the amount of participants in our choirs,” Robison said. “We have a great opportunity at Waldorf to sing in wonderful choirs whether or not you are a music major. This is not always the case in college. Plus, we have an incredible tradition that sets up apart as well.”