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Thefts in JnL

Anthony Turner, freshman the victim of theft in Johnson and London dorm. Photo by Leah Menon

By Erisha Menon

Every academic year, hundreds of students travel to college campuses to be on their own feet and living by themselves for the first time ever. Other students return to continue their journey of education. Either way, safety is one thing which is crucial for the new and the old.

Just like any other day for Anthony Turner, a freshman who lives in Johnson and London (JnL) dorm, looking forward to go home and relax- except now it all has changed. “One day when I came back, I realized something was missing. It was not all the bags or obvious things but I knew something was missing, said Turner.

There have been several thefts going on in dorms and Area Coordinator of JnL, Sharese Hall wants to believe this might not be the work of one individual but a group instead. The thieves main target is unlocked doors and taking the items unnoticed when the owner is absent.

Senior Resident Assistant of JnL, Kyle Swiderski is surprised how easy it is to go door to door and just check who’s door is unlocked. “Lock your doors and you shouldn’t have a problem. It’s that simple,” said Swiderski.

Student Life is still working on getting more leads. One of the main tips given was to get insurance which is offered by Waldorf University. It is usually on student’s housing contract and it is encouraged to check your housing contract to see if you are covered or not.

Having the serial number of belongings is also highly encouraged. “If you do not write down the serial number, your items could easily be sold at the pawn shop and gone forever.

The thief has not surfaced and the investigation is still going on. Jason Ramaker, dean of students sent out a campus wide email regarding the incident and hoping that if anybody has any other information, they will let Student Life know.

“We are still figuring out if we have any leads or if we need to take other precautions,” said Hall.