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Preview of the Upcoming Theatre Season

The theatre department is preparing for a full season in Smith Theatre. Photo by Abbie Wells

The theatre department is preparing for a full season in Smith Theatre. Photo by Abbie Wells

By Abbie Wells

The Waldorf College theatre department has begun preparing for the impressive line up of shows this year and it looks to be a promising season.

“You Can’t Take It With You” (September 23-26) is the first production of the year and the rehearsal process is well underway. The show centers on the eccentric Sycamore family and the havoc that ensues when daughter Alice invites her possible, mild-mannered in-laws to dinner. She is in search of their blessing but cannot be given it until they get past her dancing, writing, painting, snake owning, firework making explosion of a family. When asked how rehearsals were going stage manager Caitlyn Rusk (Sophomore) said, “I’m very proud of the actors and their hard work so far.”

The second show of the season is Shakespeare’s “The Tempest.” (November 18-21) Prospero will do anything to return his daughter to her deserved title including manipulation, skill, illusion, and a forceful storm to get the job done.

Our very own resident playwright and theatre director Robert AuFrance supplies us with our third show of season “Camping With Women”. (February 10-13) According to AuFrance this show, “starts as one man’s quiet vacation to come to terms with his divorce, soon becomes more like a three ring circus when he is joined by his two oldest friends.  Add in one stalker who has a chicken fixation, a wife whose biological clock is ticking louder and louder every minutes, a father who hates California, a mother who sleepwalks and three identical tents, and you have the basic ingredients for “Camping with Women” – a comedy about life outdoors.”

Last, but certainly not least, for the season this year is “Urinetown: The Musical”.  (April 6-9) “Urinetown” takes place in a future where a never ending drought has led to a place where private toilets are outlawed and the public must pay to pee. The show follows a revolution, love, and questions the basics of who is right and who is wrong. Freshman Jon Quigley expresses anticipation for the musical; “The theatre department has a lot of fun things going on that I can be excited for but I myself am anticipating the musical, I came to the school hoping to learn how to sing better in order to actually participate in this year’s musical.”

The line-up for the year is fresh and exciting as ever. Make certain to stop by the box office to reserve your tickets because this a season that you will not want to miss out on.