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Hope Mime- A Great Success

Senior Shaye Sutherland in costume for her senior thesis 'Hope Mime.'

Senior Shaye Sutherland in costume for her senior thesis ‘Hope Mime.’ Photo by Erisha Menon

By Erisha Menon

On March 30, over 200 people attended “Hope Mime,” a senior thesis project of a Waldorf University student to spread her faith and deliver the message of God to others. The production was arranged by senior Shaye Sutherland for her senior thesis project. This production used the combination of acting and modern music genres to send messages of the Bible to the audience.

“Hope Mime” was originally performed a long time ago as a senior thesis. When Sutherland was a freshman, she had the opportunity of being in the cast.

“We brought it back to Waldorf University, we twisted the soundtrack and plot a little bit but essentially the stories are the same,” said Sutherland.

Sutherland stated that “Hope Mime” tells the story of the Old Testament and the New Testament and their main messages: that God is loving, powerful and amazing.

“It also tells the greatest story ever: his passion, crucification, resurrection and the Heavens,” said Sutherland.

“Hope Mime” had a full house and was a great success.

“I am so overwhelmed. There were so many people that showed up,” said Sutherland. “It is so amazing how God has just been reaching out on campus and people could feel it and it drew them to watch us. I’m thankful and blessed by the outcome.”

“I feel good with the end process. I think the message has been delivered,” said cast member Tyrique Graham. “I feel that the main message of the “Hope Mime” is that God loves all people and God would forgive everybody.”

Cast member Alexis Johnson stated that at first, she did not know most of the people involved in “Hope Mime,” but after all of the work everyone did together, it was a great success.

“I really like the way “Hope Mime” was set up this year,” said Johnson. “I think Shaye did a great job going from creation for those who never knew the story of Jesus, to present time to how people are tempted now between two narratives. People can relate wherever they are,” said Johnson.

“I feel that every time I watch this mime, it is like a good dessert. I can’t get enough of it,” said Grant Lehmann, who helped with the production of the show. “The message being delivered is for everyone: that God is there for them no matter what.”