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Flip the script: Freshman advice for seniors

By Alex Cabral

As we all know typically seniors in college give the advice to the new kids on the block: AKA freshmen. It is time we flip the script and hear what freshmen have to say to the kings and queens of the campus.

Freshman Moises Jauregui said, “The most important thing is to plan for your future by finding something you love to do and try to find a job as soon as possible so you can have something when you finish up that degree. The next thing is that you should enjoy your time as a student. Be safe out in the real world and make sure you apply your skills and knowledge to be successful.” He seemed really passionate about what he was saying to the seniors.

Next advice came from freshman Andre Davis. “As the time of graduation grows near you should be focusing on finishing the year strong and take care of business,” Davis said. “You also should spend as much time as possible with your friends and make memories that will last a life time. Graduation should be a positive thing and you will be able to move on. Besides you are on to bigger and better things.” Some great advice given here.

Freshmen Dyllan Kaleo Guillermo’advice was, “Don’t take the time you have left for granted because as soon as you graduate things change, and when they change, they change drastically. Every little thing you do after this point you take full responsibility for it and it is all on you. After this you are out on your own. Good Luck to you.”

To finish up, a young freshmen named Matthew Gruny provided this important statement for all seniors. “We have all heard the expression, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. College gives you a lemon when you graduate by giving you a degree and you can make something sweet out of your life like lemonade. Although your educational life is over, your real life begins.”

These freshmen really had some little gems of wisdom to share with seniors, Really, it applies to all college students if you really listen.