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Easter Break Activities

By: Leland March

It’s the month of April, and that means that Easter activities were all around to take part in and enjoy this past weekend. With Easter break just passing, I had the opportunity to catch up with some college students here at Waldorf and ask them what they did over Easter break.

I spoke to Chris Aries, a junior here at Waldorf about what he did over his Easter break, and he told me how he originally wanted to go back to his hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Aries, unfortunately, didn’t get this chance because of a lack of transportation.

Aries said, “I wanted to be at home to see my family, but that just wasn’t the case this year.” Aries instead went with his close friend, Brady Kuchinka, up to Lake City, Minnesota where Kuchinka is from and spent time with his family. This is prime example of how difficult it can be for college students who go to schools out of their home state. They often miss out on spending holidays with their family due to transportation or financial issues. Aries went on by stating, “We had an Easter hunt for the younger kids in the family and then we had an Easter dinner.”

I also had a chance to speak to freshman here at Waldorf University, Myles Simmons. Simmons is one of the lucky kids from Indiana; therefore, he had the opportunity of visiting his family for the extended Easter weekend.

”I am just glad I got the chance to go home to be honest. I play for basketball team here at Waldorf, so I don’t get a chance to go home during our season, so I was just happy to be home,” said Simmons. Simmons had a nice Easter dinner with his family and spent the rest of the time at home shopping and playing basketball with his friends from Indiana.

As you can see there are many different ways to celebrate Easter or any holiday for that matter. Whether it’s with your own family or a friend’s, Easter is a time to enjoy, and everyone should do just that on the holiday.