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WSA Hosts Africa Night

By: Guzel Tuhbatullina

African Night at Waldorf University has exceeded all expectations. Students enjoyed food and found it to not be too spicy, which was a concern for some.

Since the World Student Association club (WSA) started its existence in 2015, every fall they organized National nights. Previous nights were “Mexican” and “Brazilian.” This year members of WSA decided to do an African Night since there are so many students from different countries in Africa.

WSA filled Gatsby’s with authentic African decorations. All the colors of Africa and the lights were embellishing the room. Asmita KC was responsible for the decoration.

Guests of the night were excited to taste African food. After everyone sat on their place Dorothy Eno Lomo-mainoo, a student from Ghana and Saheed Olaosebikan, a student from Nigeria gave a presentation about their home countries.

“African Night was fun but also a bit stressful. All because we had to cook all that food and also rehearse before the performance of the dance,” Olaosebikan said.

Both of them also danced an African style of dance using their rhythmic music. The crowd could not resist but dance with them as well. African dance can be tiring with all the moves that are required.

“The event turned out to be great. We had over 60 people,” Erisha Lea Menon, vice president of the WSA said.

“African night was a night of joy, dance, and laughs! I really enjoyed it! It was one of my best night at Waldorf so far and the food was amazing!” Tcha-Tcha De Piazza said.”Thank you to WSA for doing it and I hope we will do a similar night soon!” she added.