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Women’s Basketball Battle hard against Trolls

By: Chasen Selsor

The Waldorf women’s basketball team battled hard against Trinity Christian College (Trolls) on Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017.

The teams were neck and neck for a majority of the game, but the Trolls were able to hold off the Warriors at the end. ­The Trolls held off the Warriors’ strong attempt, 86-76, at the Hanson Fieldhouse for a Warrior home game. With five minutes left in the game, the Warriors’ score only differed by two points Although the Warriors were behind at the end of the game, they showed no sign of giving up until the final buzzer of the game had sounded.

“I thought our girls played extremely well,” head coach Katie Schutjer says, “and we made some really good steps moving forward.”

By halftime, the Warriors were ahead by one point, leaving the crowd in suspense waiting for the second half of the game. Topping off the scores at halftime, junior Samantha Birkes and senior Georgina Wirth worked hard to help get their team in the lead.

Taylor Fricke, a junior, made her presence known through the home game. Fricke engaged in scoring as much as she could as she led the team with a total of 16-points. “We just need to work on chemistry some more, and I think we will be good for the next game,” Fricke stated after the game. Fricke made a big impact for the team who not only scored the most but worked together with the team to do the best they could.

Behind Fricke for scoring was junior Michaela Graffunder who fought hard through the Trolls’ defense to earn the team 14-points. Running third for the women’s Warrior scoring was sophomore Nichole Oberthien who scored the Warriors an extra 11-points.

The Warriors’ next game will take place this Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2017 at Bethany Lutheran College against the Vikings.