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Record enrollment has positive effect on Waldorf College

Students hanging out in a packed Atrium at Waldorf College. Photo by Kevin Moore

Students hanging out in a packed Atrium at Waldorf College. Photo by Kevin Moore

By Kevin Moore

The midway point in the first semester of Waldorf’s 2015-16 school year has arrived, and the College’s record enrollment of 672 student’s has created a buzzing atmosphere on campus.

The sudden growth in enrollment can be attributed to the college wanting to create a stronger, healthier campus. One way Waldorf chose to approach this task was by growing the female population, bringing in a total of 125 new women with the hope it will create a healthier ratio of men to women on campus.

“The first step to creating a lively college atmosphere is by having a healthy ratio. A healthy ratio helps to have a healthy campus,” said Director of Admissions Scott Pitcher.

Another route the College took in attempting to grow enrollment was by having a more concentrated approach to how they recruited athletes.

“We don’t want to pursue just any student, we want to pursue the right students,” said Pitcher. “Our athletes aren’t people that came just because they wanted to go to college and play a sport, they truly want to learn, and our excellent faculty is dedicated to providing that.”

There are also a few problems that arise when suddenly adding a large group of students into a small campus such as Waldorf’s. A wing in Tanner Hall, typically a closed dormitory, had to be re-opened to accompany the influx of students, as well as availability of parking on campus becoming an early issue.

However, Waldorf does not plan on jam-packing the college to an uncomfortable capacity.

“The last thing we want to do is have the college grow too fast and lose what we’re about. Each student needs to feel important,” said Pitcher. “That mentality and enthusiasm comes from the top, with President Alsop. You have to have a person leading from the front. His excitement definitely creates a positive trickle-down effect.”

President Alsop isn’t the only one excited about the future of Waldorf. Just half way through the Fall semester and the difference in the overall happiness of the student body is noticeable. It’s apparent students are starting to really trust they’ve made the right choice in college’s and are getting the education they need to be successful.

“The students really put a stamp on this place. We have over 30 states and 21 countries represented, right here in small town, North Central Iowa! So Our job is to make sure you feel like you belong, and when we send you out on your own, you’re prepared for anything and everything,” Pitcher said.