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New student-lead club take Waldorf by storm

Students participate in broomball outside Waldorf’s Campus Center on Jan. 31

By Joseph Halverson

Student Athlete Political Action Committee (SAPAC) is a student-led club on campus that raises funds for all the university’s athletics; throughout the semester, they will be holding several events.

Last semester, a group of Waldorf students formed SAPAC. Since its formation, the group has held a few events, bringing student-athletes together to bond and build relationships.    

Waldorf President, Bob Alsop, advises the club with three officers: president Matt Pfaltzgraff, vice president Landon Watkins and secretary Peter Neil.

Coming up, SAPAC will be hosting “Student Olympics” where each class will have teams and compete against each other, as well as a co-ed slow-pitch league in the spring once weather allows. 

The club has also put together a basketball and dodgeball league where teams can buy-in at $5 per person, and the winning team of each event will receive all the money from the buy-in. 

SAPAC plans to continue with its past event, Poker Night for all campus students to join.

“The most recent and big event underway is a two-hour-long film that will be bachelor themed with a surprising twist,” Watkins said. “This event will help bring in money for the club to help support the sports on campus. With the amount of time and resources we are putting into this, we expect a big turnout for the airing.”

On Jan. 31, SAPAC had their first events of the semester: an organized snowball fight, and a broomball match.  

Due to the event’s success, the club is looking to continue with broomball, as they plan to have organized teams and start a league. However, this is not the only league the club plans to start.

“In the late school year, there will be a powderpuff league similar to the one held in the fall,” said Pfaltzgraff. “This one will also be divided by classes, but it will be eleven players instead of seven. In the end, the winning teams will receive a banner and a trophy.”

SAPAC hopes to gain as much popularity as they can on campus, as the more students who participate, the more funds they receive. SAPAC makes most of their funds through donations and concessions during their events.

“To the student athletes, the more you participate, the more money you will get for your sport on-campus,” Watkins said.  “You can basically have fun and help fund your sport at the same time.”