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How to Stay Healthy during COVID-19

Washing your hands is essential. Photo from Getty Images

By Taylen Alexander

During these confusing and scary times, here are a few things that families in my community have been doing to stay safe during this pandemic.

“As soon as we walk in the door we immediately wash our hands with soap and warm water for 30 seconds,” said Mrs. Johnson of the Waukee community. “This is stopping new germs from coming in my house.”

No one in her family has tested positive for the virus.

Another precaution many people in the community are taking is disinfecting all heavily used surfaces. This includes door handles, light switches, remotes, cabinet handles, and countertops.

A very common course of action to prevent getting and spreading this disease is wearing a mask. Wearing a mask started as a few people just being cautious, but has now turned into a requirement to enter many stores. Along with wearing a mask many people have also started wearing gloves when out in public.

 Many families have been trying to stay home as often as possible, only going out to stores and other places when necessary. With all this nice weather these last few weeks it’s a good thing staying home does not have to mean staying inside.

 People have reported going on walks, going on bike rides, and running have helped them keep some normalcy in their lives. Just be sure to keep at least a six foot distance from others. Along with staying at home as much as possible make sure you are taking care of yourself.

A few ways to stay healthy are taking your vitamins, eating healthy, and drinking plenty of water. All these together help boost your immune system making it easier to fight germs and infection.

Most importantly, take care of your mental health. Not being able to socialize and hangout with friends is difficult for people of all ages. Some ideas to keep you mind healthy are to spend time doing something you love, FaceTime or Zoom call friends and family, and take time to yourself when you feel overwhelmed.