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Cookie of the Month

Hannah Wagner

With the end of the semester coming up this is when students need a break and a little more energy to kick off the end of the semester. The Warrior Crossing is here to help with the cookie of the month.

Beginning this past September of 2019, Shanti Shumaker, employed in the Warrior Crossing, has been sending out emails to staff and students to vote for their favorite cookie. The most popular vote would then be available for the whole next month. “The most popular nominations have been Chocolate Crinkle Cookie, Snickerdoodle and Oatmeal Chocolate Chip,” Shumaker said. 

The cookies, costing $1.39, can be voted for in the warrior crossing. Typically, there are 7-10 cookies able to be nominated. “I have a jar in the Warrior Crossing with instructions and cookie choices beside it just as you walk in the door,” Shumaker said. Staff and students are able to vote for their personal favorite or get out of their comfort zone and try a new flavor. Those who vote can get only one vote per day.

After all, voting is finished, the cookie of the month is decided a few days before the end of the month to give the baker time to bake the new cookie of the month. Students, even those who don’t participate in the voting, seem to appreciate the cookie of the month. “It gets students involved and wanting to go to the crossing,” McKenna Clouse, an athlete on the women’s basketball team at Waldorf, said. “It is a good thing.”

If you haven’t participated in voting for the cookie of the month, you can stop by the Warrior Crossing and cast your vote for your favorite cookie. Maybe within the following month, you can buy and enjoy your winning cookie for just $1.39.